Project Description

Personal Problems?

  • Tired of struggling?
  • Discouraged?
  • Not coping?
  • Do not know which way to go?
  • Is life too much?
  • Do you struggle with a problem?
  • Can you not make peace?
  • Would you like to release things that hold you back in life?
  • Would you like to live in abundance?

Are you tired of struggling with:

A difficult time in your life
Spiritual topics
Anxiety, anger, stress, depression
The difficulty with the transition to a new life stage
Self Development and Growth
Relationship problems such as conflict and rejection
Recovery from broken relationships,
And many more …..
There is good news for you – it can be different. I can make a difference in your life. I can help you get rid of your burden and restoring life in abundance.
Getting help could not be easier. It’s a phone call away. Do not delay, get help now.


TEL: +27 82 926 9023


Dr. Gretha offers help to people struggling with a variety of issues, including depression, stress or crises of faith, sexual abuse, marriage and family problems, and a variety of other problems.

Dr. Heymans has counseled several degrees in Theology and a Masters and Doctorate in Pastoral Therapy. B.A. (UOVS), B.Th (UOVS), NDT (UOVS), M.Th (UOVS), Ph.D (UOVS).

Contact Me

Please contact me for any queries or to make an appointment.

Online counseling can be done by sending an email to The first email is free. The problem is briefly outlined. The counselor will answer the email, and all communications will be treated confidentially. Counseling is done at R200 per feedback. Once the fee is received in the bank account, the Counselor receives a text message, after which feedback is given.